Beauty & Massage

Pure Relaxation

A break from everyday life

Stop time for a moment with our beauty treatments and indulge in pure pampering. Relax your body and soul with a massage. Activate your self-healing powers with an Ayurvedic treatment. Treat yourself to a soothing break from everyday life in the enchanting, historic Lindenstöckl.

The Lindenstöckl

The Lindenstöckl – our charming “jewellery box” for your beauty and massage treatments – is connected to the castle by an underground passage. So you can stroll for your treatments in complete privacy, while still wearing your bathrobe. There is a quiet, intimate atmosphere in the Lindenstöckl. Natural stone walls form a harmonious contrast to the whitewashed walls. Take a seat on one of the comfortable loungers beneath the vault. Put yourself in the capable hands of our beauty and massage experts. Let yourself go. We’ll press pause for you.

The beauty and massage treatments in the Lindenstöckl are in great demand. Thank you for reserving your appointment well in advance.

Traditional Massages
Recharge your batteries

We love classic massages. Radiantly beautiful with our selection of massage oils:

Pure grape seed oil: Leaves skin silky smooth, with an antioxidant effect
Calming body oil: Soothes and relaxes
Activating body oil: Refreshes and provides energy
Detoxifying body oil: Boosts the metabolism, with a detoxifying effect

The full body massage provides deep relaxation. The massage will be adapted to individual requirements.
90.00 €

The partial body massage focuses on the back, neck, feet or legs and is carried out according to individual needs.
50.00 €

During the facial massage the head, face and décolleté are treated. The massage oil regenerates the skin and provides moisture.
35.00 €

The honey massage focuses on the back. The natural power of honey has a purifying and detoxifying effect, promotes blood circulation and loosens deep-seated tensions.
Not recommended for people with strong back hair.
41.00 €

The honey massage combined with a classical back massage focuses on the back. The natural power of honey has a purifying and detoxifying effect, promotes circulation and loosens deep-seated tensions. After the activating honey massage, the back is massaged to promote deep relaxation.
Not recommended for people with strong back hair.
85.00 €

A harmonious alternation between a classical back massage and a massage with warm lava stones relaxes the muscles particularly well.
60.00 €

A harmonious alternation between a classical back massage and a massage with warm lava stones relaxes the muscles particularly well.
110.00 €

With gentle stroking movements, the lymph channels on the body are massaged. The resulting activation of the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and provides new energy. At the same time, the lymph drainage allows water deposits to drain away from the face and legs.
95.00 €

Ayurvedic massages
Activate your self-healing powers.

Abhyanga is the golden standard of ayurvedic full body oil massage. The gentle treatment together with high-quality sesame oil leads to an incomparable deep relaxation.
110.00 €

Abhyanga literally means “anointing”. This full-body massage, which is performed synchronously by 2 therapists, is a truly unique experience and is also known as the “Dance of the gentle hands”. You will experience the deepest relaxation and well-being.
157.00 € 

A combination of the Ayurvedic full body oil massage with stimulation of the Marma points. The Marma points on the head reduce stress and have a calming effect on the nerve centre. The gentle treatment deepens the relaxing effect and promotes lasting well-being.
130.00 €

Starting with an Ayurvedic face and head massage, the royal Ayurvedic forehead treatment (Shirodhara) follows. The pouring of oil is an extremely pleasant treatment and has a calming effect on the vegetative nervous system. Body, mind and soul are brought back into balance.
160.00 €

The Pinda Sveda is an Ayurvedic herbal stamp massage that focuses on the back. It belongs to the heat treatments, promotes blood circulation and helps to loosen deep-seated tensions. After an activating connective tissue massage, the back muscles are relaxed with a classical massage. Afterwards, warm, fragrant herbal stamps are applied in an alternation of strong and gentle movements along the muscle cords and meridians. The treatment promotes the blood circulation of the skin, purifies and relaxes the muscles.
153.00 €

The Kalari is a deeply effective and very pleasant massage of the whole body. It is very similar to the Abhyanga, but is carried out with more pressure. This stimulates the metabolism and activates and vitalises the body.
110.00 €

Pada Abhyanga is the ayurvedic foot massage. Through contact with the feet, the entire energy system of the body is positively influenced. This leads the body into a state of well-being. Pada Abhyanga has an invigorating and revitalising effect and is used in cases of exhaustion, sleeplessness and nervousness.
80.00 €

A special massage for the treatment of problem areas. Belly, thighs and bottom are massaged vigorously with peeling hand shoes, which opens up stuck together tissue. To additionally stimulate the metabolism of the skin, the detoxifying body oil from Vinoble is applied as a finish after the treatment.
60.00 €

The Udvartana is an Ayurvedic whole body peeling consisting of various herbs and powders. The pleasant peeling massage stimulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation. Weak connective tissue is tightened and the skin feels noticeably smoother and softer.
120.00 €

Udara is an Ayurvedic abdominal massage, from the chest to the pelvis. The associated intestinal massage normalises the digestion and is therefore experienced as relaxing and balancing. The Udara massage can be combined with all ayurvedic massages in order to further support the well-being.
55.00 €

The Pada Abhyanga with Shiroabhyanga is a combination of an Ayurvedic head and neck massage with the Ayurvedic foot massage. This leads your body into a state of well-being.
150.00 €

Vinoble body treatments.
Peeling, massages & more with the power of grapes.

Vinoble Cosmetics: Powerful compounds from Styria

In the Lindenstöckl, the beauty temple of the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, we use products from the Styrian cosmetics line Vinoble Cosmetics. Vinoble and Pichlarn – the perfect combination. The vegan cosmetics line is produced in Styria. The exclusive product range focuses on antioxidants from grape seeds, nourishing grape seed oil and the anti-ageing compound resveratrol. This is nature that works. “Skin Happiness” is the credo behind the Vinoble products. For skin that’s healthy, feels good, looks fresh and cared for. At any age. For women and for men.

A cleansing peeling made from grape seeds, salt and intensively caring grape seed oil. After the skin surface has been cleaned, the cold-pressed grape seed oil can penetrate the skin better and makes it noticeably softer and pleasantly smooth.
60.00 €

Soft peeling gloves free the skin from dead skin flakes and make the skin more receptive to other products. Vinoble body lotion is then applied like a serum and provides the skin with intensive moisture. As a finish, a Vinoble body oil of your choice is applied to seal the underlying body lotion. This allows the moisture to penetrate even better and deeper into the skin.
65.00 €

The treatment begins with a soothing full body massage. The Vinoble body oil, which is tailored to your needs, prepares the skin wonderfully for the subsequent salt and grape-seed peeling.
110.00 €

The alkaline body wrap has a detoxifying effect and helps your skin to regain its balance. Natural antioxidants support the skin in cell renewal, Angelica root extract and thyme water cleanse the skin and have an antibacterial effect. During your alkaline body wrap you will be offered a pampering facial massage.
65.00 €

This treatment is characterised by purification and care in one. The detox body wrap is the perfect support for losing weight due to the grape active ingredient viniferine in combination with caffeine. A carefully produced grape seed oil is applied as a finish and cares for the skin. During your detox body wrap you will also get a pampering facial massage.
65.00 €

The slimming wrap with immediate effect. The grape active ingredient viniferine promotes fat burning in the cell and blood circulation. The special wrapping technique intensifies the effect, tightens the skin and purifies the tissue. With this power treatment you will reduce calories and relax. During your deluxe anti-cellulite wrap you will be offered a pampering facial massage.
80.00 €

Facial treatments for him and her
For new radiance

In this special treatment, the skin is first thoroughly cleansed and then gently exfoliated with a diamond attachment. The special attachment stimulates the natural self-healing power of the skin and provides for a visibly improved skin appearance as well as for a firmer, fine-pored and more elastic skin structure. This is followed by a face mask tailored to the skin, a hand massage and a final treatment.
105.00 €

The “Vinoble Short” treatment refreshes the skin. It includes cleansing, peeling, a facial massage with a face mask and a final treatment.
55.00 €

The “Vinoble Classic” treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and a facial peeling, which frees the skin from make-up and environmental influences and gently removes dead skin cells. The cleansing is followed by a relaxing facial massage and a face mask that is tailored to the skin. The treatment is concluded with a nourishing cream.
95.00 €

The “Vinoble Deluxe” treatment pampers the skin all over with everything it needs. This treatment contains a thorough cleansing, a peeling, a serum, a soothing facial massage, an eye care as well as a mask and a final treatment.
124.00 €

Spa packages
Wellness offers

The Romantic for two package includes a body peeling, followed by a relaxing bath for two and a partner wellness massage. The romantic for two package is rounded off with Prosecco and a fruit plate in the after-rest time.
125.00 €

The time-for-me package includes a relaxing Abhyanga oil massage and the facial treatment “Vinoble Short”. The package is rounded off with a pedicure.
209.00 €

Goodbye heavy legs, hello to relieved mothers: For intensive care, a foot bath followed by exfoliation and a foot massage. The following facial treatment “Vinoble Classic” nourishes and refrehes the skin.
137.00 €

The package includes a body scrub with salt and grape seed, which frees the skin from dead skin cells. This allows the subsequent body pack to penetrate the skin even better. The detox body pack rebuilds the pH value and nourishes the skin with valuable vitamins and minerals.
95.00 €

You will receive three 30-minutes massages, which you will enjoy during your stay. Each of the massags will be tailored to your needs. You can choose between the following classic massages: back massage, head and neck massage, facial massage, foot massage and honey massage.
150.00 €

In preparation for your big day, enjoy the vitalizing facial treatment “Vinoble Classic”. Afterwards, your eyebrows will be plucked into shape and colored togehter with your eyelashes to match your type.
143.00 €

In preperation for your big day, enjoy a manicure as well as a pedicure. For a fresh complexion, the facial treatment “Vinoble Short”.
153.00 €

Hands & feet
Well-groomed to the tips of your fingers and toes

Manicure with shaping and shortening of the nails, hand bath, removal of excess cuticle combined with a nail and hand care with subsequent Shellac polish. The Shellac lasts for several weeks without flaking or stressing your nail.
73.00 €

Manicure with shaping and shortening of nails, hand bath, removal of excess cuticles combined with nail and hand care.
55.00 €

Pedicure with removal of calluses, pressure points and freckles of the nails with subsequent Shellac polishing. The shellac lasts for several weeks without flaking or putting any strain on your nail.
76.00 €

Foot care with removal of calluses, pressure points, shortening of nails and a regenerating final care.
65.00 €

Polishing of the fingernails with Shellac.
40.00 €

Polishing of the toenails with Shellac.
40.00 €

The Shellac is removed with a special remover without damaging the nail.
15.00 €

A paraffin wrap provides intensive care of the hands. The combination of soothing warmth and caring oils is recommended for dry hands and also for illnesses such as rheumatism, circulation problems and joint complaints.
20.00 €

A paraffin wrap provides intensive care for the feet. The combination of soothing warmth and caring oils is recommended for dry hands and also for illnesses such as rheumatism, circulation problems and joint complaints.
25.00 €

Luxurious extras

Upper lip: 8.00 €
Back: 30.00 €
Legs to knees: 40.00 €
Complete legs: 55.00 €
Armpits: 15.00 €
Arms: 20.00 €

Brow correction: 10.00 €
Brow colouring: 15.00 €
Eyelash colouring: 15.00 €
Eyebrows and eyelash colouring: 25.00 €

Day-Make-up – 20 feel-good-minutes
19.00 €

Evening-Make-up – 30 feel-good-minutes
29.00 €

Bridal-Make-up (incl. Test-Make-up) – 55 feel-good-minutes.
59.00 €

The mask is made of extremely delicate fleece and is impregnated with a highly concentrated, deeply effective cocktail of active ingredients from hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, vitamin E and oat kernel extract. Wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin appears smoother, firmer and gains a fresh and youthful appearance.
18.00 €

Deep cleansing of the skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells. With this method, the skin receives the impulse to form new cells.
25.00 €

The pampering programme for your feet is the ideal introduction to your treatment and gives us time to get to know you better before the treatment. You will be given a foot bath with the Vinoble wine bath, a peeling of salt and grape seeds and finally a cool refreshment for your feet. While your feet are cared
for with the Vinoble foot cream, enjoy a glass of Prosecco.
25.00 €