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Are you a friend of the e-drive or do you prefer a conventional bike? It doesn’t matter which type you prefer: around the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, you have almost unlimited opportunities to indulge in your hobby!


26 tours for mountain bikes & e-bikes
19 trails including Bikepark Schladming


23 tours for mountain bikes & e-bikes


With multiple routes for bikes
and the bikeway “Ennsradweg”

Feel the warm wind on your face that simply blows your thoughts away. Let your eyes wander over the rolling hills, broad meadows and high peaks. And feel the pleasant heaviness in your legs when you relax in the spa after a fulfilling day on the bike. Numerous kilometres of the most beautiful cycle paths run through Styria. They lead past green forests and crystal-clear rivers, through the fairytale Ausseerland. You always have the rich natural treasures of the region in view. Alone or in a group, with or without a bike guide: from your 5-star resort, you can cycle through the most beautiful places in Styria away from cars and hustle and bustle. Don’t have your bike with you or want to try out a new e-bike? You can rent e-bikes directly at the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn. Please get in touch!

E-bikes for rent
at IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

E-Bike Steyrerbike Pyramid Intube Sport Scherz

Motor: Bosch CX Gen. 4
Schaltung XT
500 Wh Intube Akku

20,00 € pro Person
direkt beim Hotel

E-Bike FOCUS Jam 2

Motor: Shimano Steps E 8000
Battery: 750 Wh

50.00 € per person
directly at the castle

Please announce your e-bike reservation at the reception no later than 12:00 noon the day before. As these e-bikes are provided by a partner company we only offer them on request and availability.

Your bike or e-bike at the hotel

Park your bike or e-bike safely at the hotel for free.

Guided E-Bike Tours
at Ausseerland

The “Wasserfall – Almtour”

Startpunkt: Bad Mitterndorf (Grimminghalle)
Dauer: 4 h
Länge: 42 km
Höhenmeter: 530 hm

“Emperor tour”
around the lakes

Startpunkt: Bad Aussee (Bahnhof)
Dauer: 5 h
Länge: 55 km
Höhenmeter: 750 hm

Tour along meadows and lakes

Startpunkt: Dorfsaal Tauplitz bzw. Skiflugschanze Kulm
Dauer: 5,5 h
Länge: 55 km
Höhenmeter: 850 hm

The sporty e-bike tour

Startpunkt: Skiflugschanze Kulm
Dauer: 6 h
Länge: 60 km
Höhenmeter: 1200 hm

The four lakes tour

Startpunkt: Bad Mitterndorf (Grimminghalle)
Dauer: 6 h
Länge: 58 km
Höhenmeter: 750 hm

Your tour

Please announce your tour reservation at the reception no later than 12:00 noon the day before.