Our Estate

Real. Better.

First-class quality in every respect

…that’s our promise to you. The IMLAUER estate Schloss Pichlarn plays an important role in this. We became a producer ourselves with our estate. From the organic eggs to our own springs and the greenhouse with our own herbs, our own vegetables and fruit: this is quality as we define it. Authentic. Better.

The first representatives of our estate will greet you even before you arrive at the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn: lush fruit trees adorn the green meadows along the driveway. Pear, plum, apple – some of them bearing old fruit varieties. Many are already there, but many more will follow. The 250 chickens have been there for a long time. They enjoy the wide, open spaces around the 5-star hotel in their mobile chicken coop. Every egg on your breakfast table, in every tasty dish or juicy cake comes from these happy chickens. “Bee happy” is also on the agenda in Pichlarn: our own bees produce the finest honey.

Kitchen garden
and mountain spring water

Salads and aromatic herbs thrive in the 300 m² greenhouse at the IMLAUER estate Schloss Pichlarn. In the future, a small, fine kitchen garden with vegetables, fruit, herbs and berries will make connoisseurs’ hearts beat faster in the revitalised castle gardens. The mountain spring water for our house comes from a total of six own springs. Thanks to this water treasure, the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn is a “Best Water Hotel”. Together with BWT AG from Mondsee, we have decided to dispense with conventional mineral water bottles in our restaurants and to mineralize our own first-class water using state-of-the-art technology from BWT. This saves energy, packaging costs, and is good for the CO2 balance thanks to less transportation.

Electric drive
and photovoltaics

But that’s not all. The 360 ​​KW photovoltaic system went into operation in autumn 2022. This means that up to a quarter of the electricity for the resort can be produced from sustainable solar energy in the future. For the additional district heating required, Georg Imlauer would like to have the biomass from the hotel’s own woods processed in the future. The 5-star hotel is already heated exclusively with district heating from the region. Sustainability doesn’t stop at vehicles and equipment. The hotel now only purchases electric company cars and golf carts, and our smaller devices such as lawnmowers or chainsaws also have electric drives. That’s sustainability made in Pichlarn. Authentic. Better.

At a glance

  • 250 free range chickens delivering fresh organic eggs daily

  • 10 beehives in our own woods

  • 60 fruit trees: pear, plum and eight different apple varieties

  • 300 m² greenhouse with herbs and salads

  • Water from six of our own springs

  • “Best Water Hotel” in cooperation with BWT AG

  • The firewood for the suites comes from our own wood and is cut to size on site.

  • Thanks to the 360 ​​KW photovoltaic system, up to a quarter of the electricity is produced with solar energy.

“Pichlarn is more than just a job for me. It’s like a life’s work. Simply something very special.”

Christian Seiringer
Property and Estate Manager